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March 23, 2001

by Bill Hogan



Last week I predicted Hofstra would beat UCLA and I'd be the toast of the office. I was wrong, as usual. Donna from Southern California wrote me about my selection. I can't print her email. The language would make even the writers of the Sopranos blush. It is sufficient to say she blasted me.

I can picture Donna, fingers poised on the keyboard, ready to give it to me with both barrels. Sweating bullets when there were seven minutes left in the game and Hofstra was up by two. Then, gradually, tapping away as UCLA put the game out of reach.


Bracket pool update: True to form, I picked 28 of the first 48 games correctly. That puts me in third to last place in the office pool. I also entered an online pool at a popular sporting site. I'm in 218,998th place! How's your pool going? Let me know.

I don't want to brag, but I did pick Georgia State. I could tell you that I had Hampton over Iowa State, but what would be the point? I feel bad for anyone who really did pick Hampton. Unless they had their bracket sheet notarized, nobody would believe it.

I have to believe that John Chaney was the happiest of all Sweet 16 coaches after last Sunday's games. His Temple Owls crushed Florida and now he gets to prepare for Penn State instead of North Carolina!

Speaking of Carolina, I got a UNC bottle cap in that soft drink contest I told you about last week. Lucky me.

I think the first two rounds of the tournament should be scheduled in a manner that would allow CBS to broadcast the last ten minutes of every game, to everyone. With 15 games decided by 18 or more points, odds are there was a better game on than the one you were watching.

Here's my Final Four: Duke, Maryland, Michigan State and Mississippi. Which is very good news for the other 12 teams.


Get those resumes ready.

WANTED: HEAD MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH. Must be experienced. Must turn around our program in 2 years of less. Proven ability to avoid probation necessary. A graduation rate of 5% or better acceptable. Previous Final Four success a plus. Submit your resume and references to: Director of Frustrated Alumni, Major Conference University, Anytown, USA.

I guess if Louisville can fire Denny Crum, who won two national championships in the '80's, then no coaching job is safe.

The battle cry for these big time universities seems to be "just win, baby".

Indiana claims that they fired Bobby Knight because of his behavior. HELLO! Knight's been "behaving" the same way for 29 years! It seems strange to me that, all of a sudden, his behavior matters.

It didn't matter in '85 when he threw a chair across the court at a referee and almost hit a spectator.

It didn't matter in '86 when he screamed at the Indiana cheerleaders for disrupting a free throw attempt.

It didn't matter in '87 when he pulled his team off the floor during a "good will" game against the Soviet National team because of poor officiating. (The Soviets were winning at the time).

Oh, did I mention that his Indiana team won national championships in 1976, 1981 and 1987?

More recently, Knight's Hoosiers have been blown out of the NCAA tournament in the first or second round every year since 1995.

He's got to go. For "behavioral" reasons, of course. Get the picture?

Moral of the story: physical and verbal abuse will only be tolerated if you win. JUST WIN, BABY!

I wonder if that same mentality would be tolerated in the "real" world. Let me know if any of you have ever thrown a chair at a supervisor and gotten away with it because you recently received a great performance review.

I don't want to harp on the administration at Indiana. But I do have one more gripe.

If a first round loss to Kent State didn't deter them from hiring Mike Davis full time, then why didn't they do it sooner?

They could have taken a lot of pressure off Coach Davis by settling the matter before the tournament. Obviously, he deserved a long term contract. By waiting, all the administration did was give him more to think about than beating Golden Flashes.


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