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Basketball - No shortage of Michael Jordan as well as many other past and present NBA stars and personalities like Pete Maravich, Patrick Ewing and Spike Lee. Chock full of interesting topics of discussion. Also, extensive NCAA basketball coverage, history and analysis. There's Dick Vitale and, of course, Jim Valvano and the V Foundation.

NBA | NCAA | The V Foundation for Cancer Research

I WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE. - In this feature: Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and NBA Championships. Johnny Unitas, Willie Mays and Sugar Ray Robinson. Also, NFL Hall of Fame start, barrooms and bathrooms. (April 18, 2003).

GLASS HOUSES. - In this feature: LeBron James, High School basketball and the NBA. ESPN the Magazine, sportswriters, Tiger Woods and the Grammy Awards. Also, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Watergate. (February 7, 2003).

A STAR'S HOMECOMING, A FAN'S REACTION. - In this feature: Patrick Ewing, the New York Knicks and Madison Square Garden. Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson and NBA Championships. Also, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Noland Ryan and Bob Uecker. (March 2, 2001).

A REAL PISTOL. - In this feature: NBA, "Pistol" Pete Maravich and Louisiana State University. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and P.T. Barnum. Huey P. Long and the New Orleans Jazz. Also, Art Modell, Bob Irsay and George Shinn. (November 8, 2002).

CUBAN APPROACH IS ON THE MARK. - In this feature: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, NBA Commissioner David Stern, Spike Lee and Jimmy Buffett. "Wheel of Fortune," Microsoft, Bill Veeck and the St. Louis Browns. (May 11, 2001).

YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK - BYE, BYE. - In this feature: NHL and NBA playoffs. Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees. Also, the Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres and the Toronto Raptors. (April 27, 2001).

WAY TO GO, SPIKE. - In this feature: Filmmaker Spike Lee, the NBA and Madison Square Garden. Sportsfans, Woody Allen, Michael Jordan and Hanes underwear. Also, Mars Blackmon, "He Got Game," Danny Aeillo and Latrell Spreewell. (November 2, 2001).

The Latest and Greatest NBA Features:

What a Jip. - In this feature: Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant, the Associated Press, CNN and ESPN. Lance Armstrong, Annika Sorenstam and Kentucky Derby winner Funny Cide. Also, Babe Didrikson, Tiger Woods and the "Curse of the Bambino." (January 2, 2004).

That's A Foul! - In this feature: Los Angeles Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal and NBA referees. Mark Cuban, NBA Commissioner David Stern, Bobby Knight and basketball's founder Dr. James Naismith. (February 6, 2004).

Sometimes, Attention Deficit is in Order. In this feature: NBA Championship, Willis Reed and the New York Knicks. Los Angeles Lakers, The Bachelor, ABC, TNT and the Detroit Pistons. ESPN, Matlock, tee-ball and Mother's Day. (May 5, 2004).

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NCAA Basketball:

WHERE'S THE "STUDENT?" - In this feature: Sports Illustrated Basketball Preview, NCAA Men's basketball and college graduation rates. Student athletes, National Championships, Dick Vitale, ESPN and Nike. (November 30, 2001).

ETHICS 101. - In this feature: National Association of Basketball Coaches, Play-Doh, code of ethics and monkey bars. NCAA regulations, moral obligations, Hummer H2 and seatbelt laws. (November 7, 2003).

BUBBLE BOYS. - In this feature: 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, "Selection Sunday," Indiana University and Princeton. CBS, the Mountain West, the Big Sky, Kentucky and Weber State. (March 14, 2003).

PERFECT TIMING. - In this feature: 2003 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four, Marquette University and Al McGuire. Warriors, Golden Eagles, John Wayne, "The Sands of Iwo Jima," John Belushi and "Animal House." (April 4, 2003).

PROHIBITION DIDN'T WORK. - In this feature: 2002 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, March Madness, Las Vegas and point spreads. Sport magazine, bootleggers and speakeasies. Trapper John, CBS and Bingo. Also, IBM and office bracket pools. (March 15, 2002).

REALLY SKINNY UNDERDOGS. - In this feature: 2002 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, buzzer beaters, Sweet Sixteen Cinderellas and the Southern Illinois Salukis. Knock-knock jokes, hound dogs, Affenpinchers and miniature poodles. (March 22, 2002).

TALK ABOUT JUMPING THE GUN. - In this feature: 2002 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four. The Georgia Dome, the Duke University Blue Devils and Coach K. Also, Bad mougombo, banquet halls, bad karma and Denny's. (March 29, 2002).

MARCH MADNESS - HOOPS OR HYPE? - In this feature: 2001 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, March Madness, Sweet 16 hoopla and Gonzaga. Also, the Bee Gees, "Stayin' Alive," CBS and softdrinks. (March 16, 2001).

MORE MADNESS. - In this feature: More 2001 Men's Basketball Tournament, office bracket pools, Temple Owls and UNC. Also, Indiana University, Bobby Knight, "Just Win, Baby" and Golden Flashes. (March 23, 2001).

A SPORTSFAN BEDTIME STORY. - In this feature: 2001 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Final Four, Spartans, Blue Devisl, Wildcats and Terrapins. Also, Bulldogs, Rebels, Trojans, Owls and Coach K. (March 30, 2001).

THAT'S ONE SCARY BOBBLEHEAD. - In this feature: NCAA basketball announcer Dick Vitale, ESPN Insider, Uncle Fester and bobblehead dolls. "A Season on the Brink," Bobby Knight, Brian Dennehy and "First Blood." (March 8, 2002).

NO TIME TO THROW STONES. - In this feature: Joumana Kidd, Jason Kidd, Bob Ryan of Boston Globe, Larry Eustachy, Iowa State basketball, Mike Price, Alabama football, The Sports Reporters, Around the Horn with Max Kellerman. (May 9, 2003).

The Latest and Greatest NCAA Features:

What I Don't Know. - 2004 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the Final Four, Kentucky, St. Joe's, Wake Forest and Texas. Duke, The New York Giants, Peoria, "Bewitched," Dick Vitale and the legendary Sam Cooke. (March 19, 2004).

The Biggest Little Team. - 2004 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the Sweet 16, Elite Eight and Final Four. The Nevada Wolf Pack, Reno, Todd Okeson, Kirk Snyder and Michael Jordan. Also, Dick Vitale, t-shirts and B-movies. (March 26, 2004).

The V Foundation for Cancer Research:

'TIS BETTER TO GIVE. - In this feature: North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano. Christmas lists, Santa and sportswriters. The Jimmy V Classic and ESPN. (December 20, 2002).

MONEY WELL SPENT. - In this feature: North Carolina State basketball coach Jim Valvano. Dick Vitale, Digger Phelps, the 1993 ESPY Awards and the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award. (December 12, 2003).

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