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Football - Stories filled with football history, humor and insight. We cover the NFL from draft day through the Super Bowl and on to the pro football Hall of Fame. There's NCAA football action right up to the BCS Championship game. We even have a little XFL - if you happen to be interested.

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GET ON WITH THE SHOW. - In this feature: NFL 2003 season opener, NFL Kickoff Live with Britney Spears. Sideline reporters Melissa Stark and Lisa G. Also, ESPN and Rush Limbaugh. (September 5, 2003).

FANTASY FOOTBALL. - In this feature: NFL 2002 opening weekend. Optomistic football fans and football predictions. Also, Steve Spurrier, Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl XXXVII. (September 6, 2002).

WELCOME TO FANTASY ISLAND. - In this feature: Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. Fantasy Football Leagues and child sitcom star Gary Coleman. Also, Fantasy Football Insider and Doug Flutie. (August 22, 2003).

QUICK, SIT DOWN! - In this feature: NFL coaches Bill Parcells and Tony Dungy as well as coaching legends Chuck Noll, Tom Landry and Curly Lambeau. NFL pioneers the Providence Steam Rollers and Frankford Yellow Jackets. (January 18, 2002).

A CLASSIC TALE. - In this feature: 1967 AFL Champion Oakland Raiders and the 1968 AFL Champion New York Jets. Daryl Lamonica, Joe Namath and the NBC television movie "Heidi." Also, Art Buchwald and "Malcolm in the Middle."(November 16, 2001).

OOH BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE. - In this feature: Super Bowl XXXVI, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and the National Automobile Dealers Association. "Ground Zero," the Meadowlands and the 1958 and 1967 NFL Championship games. (October 5, 2001).

WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS. - In this feature: Super Bowl XXXVII, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, ABC, CBS and Jimmy "the Greek" Snyder., Alex Karras, Paul Hornung and Caesars Palace. (January 24, 2003).

THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE TO. - In this feature: Pro Football Hall of Fame, Jim Kelly, George Allen, Deacon Jones and "Mean" Joe Green. Jerry Rice, Craftsman power tools and Night Train Lane. Also, Dick Butkus and the IRS. (February 8, 2002).

DA (BANK ONE) BEARS. - In this feature: Tostitos, AT&T, Bank One and the Chicago Bears. Mike Ditka and the Staley Starch Company. Also, Brett Favre, wedding receptions and Coors Light. (June 27, 2003).

THE 25-SECOND CLOCK IS YOUR FRIEND. - In this feature: NFL season ticket holders, stadium parking, tailgating and trips to the bathroom. Drunken idiots and John Madden. Also, female football fans, Einstein and "beating the traffic." (September 7, 2001).

IT'S OPEN SEASON ON SPORTSFANS. - In this feature: The media's penchant for referring to NFL football fans as unruly, ugly, raucous and stupid. Also Cleveland Browns fans, New Orleans Saints fans and New York Giants fans. (December 21, 2001).

TRUE COLORS. - In this feature: San Francisco 49er's, Oakland Raiders and Jerry Rice. Milkmen, mailmen and accountants. Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (June 8, 2001).

TOUGH LOVE. - In this feature: Cleveland Browns, tossed bottles and the "boo." Gladiators, Ted Williams, Y.A. Tittle and nasty salse clerks. Also, Gunga Din and the price of parking. (October 11, 2002).

ONE TOUGH TICKET. - In this feature: Super Bowl XXXV, the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens. Season ticket holders, celebrities and corporate bigwigs. Also, the World Series, Stanley Cup and ticket scalpers. (January 26, 2001).

WHAT THE... - In this feature: NFL playoffs, football fans and Wildcard Weekend. Lambeau Field, Cheeseheads and Michael Vick. Also, heartache, disappointment and the Cleveland Browns. (January 10, 2003).

ONE STRIKE, YOU'RE OUT. - In this feature: NFL officials, baseball umpires, replacement refs and money. Also, Marshall Faulk, Peyton Manning and Instant Replay. (August 24, 2001).

HELP WANTED. - In this feature: NFL referees, playoff officiating and NFL executives. Sports Illustrated's Peter King, Randy Moss, Derrick Brooks and Mel Brooks. (January 17, 2003).

UPON FURTHER REVIEW... - In this feature: NFL playoffs, Instant Replay, the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Tom Brady. Also, Franco Harris, Frenchy Fuqua and the "Immaculate Reception." (January 25, 2002).

ONE BIG GAME AWAY. - In this feature: NFL conference realignment, John Elway and "The Drive." NFL rivalries, Cowboys-Redskins, Giants-Jets, Chiefs-Rams. (May 25, 2001).

HOME FIELD DISADVANTAGE. - In this feature: Philadelphia Eagles, The Vet and Lincoln Financial Field. The Green Bay Packers and Lambeau Field. The Chicago Bears and Soldier Field. (September 12, 2003).

THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW. - In this feature: National Football League, Oakland Raiders and steroids. Designer jeans, designer drugs and George Costanza. Human rights and dwarf-tossing. (November 21, 2003).

BYE BYE, BYE WEEK. - In this feature: NFL bye weeks, NFC Championship game and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Carolina Panthers, Bill Parcells, the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. (September 19, 2003).

DRAFT DODGER. - In this feature: 2003 NFL Draft, "The War Room," Bill Parcells and General Tommy Franks. NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Baghdad. George Halas, Jay Berwanger and the Heisman Trophy. (April 25, 2003).

DEMS FIGHTIN' WORDS. - In this feature: NFL locker room bulletin boards, Packers head coach Mike Sherman and Warren Sapp. The Chicago Bears, George Halas, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall and a bunch of crybabies. (December 6, 2002).

AMERICAN ROULETTE. - In this feature: 2001 NFL Draft, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Chicago Bears, Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers. The Green Bay Packers and Bart Starr. Also, Johnny Unitas, Lawrence Taylor and the hypotenuse of a triangle. (April 20, 2001).

SHOCK AND YAWN. - In this feature: New Orleans Saint wide receiver Joe Horn. The New York Giants, Billy "White Shoes" Johnson and cell phones. Also, Terell Owens, the Icky Shuffle and Sharpie pens. (December 19, 2003).

PASS THE BUCK - BACK TO THE FANS. - In this feature: The Philadelphia Eagles, Veterans Stadium and Mother Nature. Also, beer, hot dogs, big foam fingers and turf toe. (August 17, 2001).

The Latest and Greatest NFL Features:

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda. - In this feature: Green Bay Packers coach Mike Sherman, Brett Favre and MasterCard. St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz and Preparation H. Christmas tree ornaments and Vince Lombardi. (January 16, 2004).

Something Doesn't Ad Up. - In this feature: Super Bowl XXXVIII, the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers. Super Bowl ads, Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch. TV timeouts and Terry Tate Office Linebacker. (January 23, 2004).

No Apology Necessary, Joe. - In this feature: 1968 New York Jets, Joe Namath, Super Bowl III and panty hose. ESPN's Suzy Kolber, the 1968 Baltimore Colts and Jack Daniels. Also, Ralph Kramden and Woodstock. (January 30, 2004).

Hard Ball. - In this feature: 2004 NFL Draft, Major League Baseball, the Houston Texans and Drew Henson. The New York Yankees, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth. Also, the Birmingham Barons, free throws and short order cooks. (February 20, 2004).

Kids Today. - In this feature: National League Football, Ricky Williams, Doug Flutie and the Miami Dolphins. Doctors, teachers, Mount Everest and childhood dreams. The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Fran Tarkenton, Bart Starr and fantasy football. (July 28, 2004).

Knock Wood When You Say That. - In this feature: National League Football, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and The San Jose Mercury News, Titleist golf balls, the San Diego Chargers and stubbed toes. (September 29, 2004).

Under the Radar. - In this feature: National League Football, Minnesota Vikings, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and V-J Day. The Buffalo Bills, San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros and Philadelphia Eagles. (October 29, 2004).

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College Football:

NO PAIN, NO GAIN. - In this feature: University of Arizona football coach John Mackovic. The Heisman Trophy, the Gator Bowl and librarians. Ohio State coach Woody Hayes, Paul "Bear" Bryant and "The Junction Boys." (December 13, 2002).

A QUARTERBACK'S WORST NIGHTMARE. - In this feature: The Heisman Trophy, Dick Butkus, "Mean" Joe Green and Lawrence Taylor. The Downtown Athletic Club, the NFL Hall of Fame, Roger Staubach, Jay Berwanger and the New York Knicks. (December 7, 2001).

GREEN PIECE. - In this feature: Notre Dame Fighting Irish, "Wake up the echoes," Irish fans and Knute Rockne. Pat O'Brien, Ronald Reagan, The Four Horsemen, Grantland Rice and "Rudy." (November 1, 2002).

KEEP OFF THE GRASS. - In this feature: Marshall University, german shepherds and college football fans. Miami of Ohio, the West Virginia State Police, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and Chuckles the Clown. (November 15, 2002).

KEEP OFF THE GRASS - PART II. - In this feature: U. of California, movie sequels and "Caddyshack II." Stanford, John Elway and "Rocky II." "The Catch," "The Drive" and "Revenge of the Nerds II." (November 22, 2002).

LIGHTEN UP. - In this feature: PETA, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks and fighting roosters. Vandals, Ragin' Cajuns, Boilermakers and Brewers. Battling Bishops and Deamon Deacons. The Michigan State Spartans, raindrops and tulips. (October 26, 2001).

THIS HEARING IS NOW IN SESSION. - In this feature: Federal investigations, Northern Illinois University and the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. College football's Bowl Championship Series, Texas Christian University and Senator Orrin Hatch. (October 24, 2003).

The Latest and Greatest College Football Features:

Truth is More Ridiculous than Fiction. - In this feature: University of Southern California wide receiver Mike Williams. Wall Street, Warren Buffett, stocks and the Security and Exchange Commission. Also, Budweiser, luxury condos and synchronized diving. (September 1, 2004).


NOT MUCH TO CHEER(LEAD) ABOUT. - In this feature: The XFL on NBC, Tommy Maddox and "Baywatch." Dick Butkus, "He Hate Me" and Wheaties. Jesse "The Body" Ventura, cheerleaders and "Temptation Island." (February 9, 2001).

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