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Sportswriters - It's no secret that sportswriters have taken their shots at athletes, sports executives and sports fans in the space provided to them in the sports pages. Hogan's Alley has taken a number of opportunities to shoot back.

MAJOR INSULT. - In this feature: "Major-less" Phil Mickelson, the PGA Championship at Hazeltine, Jim Kelly and Ted Williams. Even manages to squeeze in a little Anna Kournikova. (August 16, 2002).

GLASS HOUSES. - In this feature: The LeBron James critics, David Stern and the NBA. Also, J-Lo, Brittany Spears and Big Brother 4.(February 7, 2003).

IT'S OPEN SEASON ON SPORTSFANS. - In this feature: The media's penchant for referring to NFL football fans as unruly, ugly, raucous and stupid. Also Cleveland Browns fans, New Orleans Saints fans and New York Giants fans. (December 21, 2001).

WE'RE FANS, NOT MORONS. - In this feature: Some thoughts about the one year anniversary of 9-11, patriotism, God and country. And a couple of shots at the sports media. (September 13, 2002).

NO TIME TO THROW STONES. - In this feature: Joumana Kidd, Jason Kidd, Bob Ryan of Boston Globe, Larry Eustachy, Iowa State basketball, Mike Price, Alabama football, The Sports Reporters, Around the Horn with Max Kellerman. (May 9, 2003).

TIME TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER JOB. - In this feature: NFL integrity, gambling on football, Michael Strahan, Brett Favre and Mark Gastineau. More on the "rowdy and lawless" fans. (January 11, 2002).

ALL THE (SPORTS) WORLD'S A STAGE. - In this feature: The NBA playoffs, Detroit Pistons, Toronto Raptors. Also, Tiger Woods and the introduction of the word Fidiot. (April 26, 2002).

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