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Big Foam Finger

Football - Stories filled with football history, humor and insight. We cover the NFL from draft day through the Super Bowl and on to the pro football Hall of Fame. There's NCAA football action right up to the BCS Championship game. We even have a little XFL - if you happen to be interested.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Football.

Baseball - A look at America's pastime with an interesting blend of baseball history, humor and commentary. This section covers just about every relevant baseball topic and is filled with information about past and present players, the World Series, All-Star games, strikes, steroids and Pud Galvin.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Baseball.

Basketball - No shortage of Michael Jordan as well as many other past and present NBA stars and personalities like Pete Maravich, Patrick Ewing and Spike Lee. Chock full of interesting topics of discussion. Also, extensive NCAA basketball coverage, history and analysis. There's Dick Vitale and, of course, Jim Valvano and the V Foundation.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Basketball.

Women in Sports - Like we said back in June 2001, "The Ladies Rule." Whether they are dominating the tennis courts like the Williams sisters, teeing it up with the big boys like Annika Sorenstam or painting their faces and cheering from the stands, Hogan's Alley has always recognized and appreciated the more attractive side of sports.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Women in Sports.

Golf - It's not just about Tiger Woods, although there is plenty of the world's greatest golfer. This section is filled with fabled golf history and interesting golf personalities. We cover the PGA, the LPGA, all the Majors, the Ryder Cup and the ongoing feud between Hootie and Martha.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Golf.

Horse Racing - From "the fastest two minutes in sports" at the Kentucky Derby to the grueling mile-and-a-half run at Belmont, where Triple Crown hopes are often dashed, you'll enjoy plenty of thoroughbred racing history, humor and hunches.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Horse Racing.

Tennis - From the grass courts of Wimbledon to the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows, we offer you great tennis history and insight as well as humor and the requisite gratuitous Anna Kournikova remarks.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Tennis.

Cycling - There's only two words worth mentioning in the world of cycling: Lance Armstrong. Read about his Tour de France exploits in 2001, 2002 and 2003 when he won his fifth consecutive championship.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Cycling.

Olympics - Revisit the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and look back at the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team. Coming soon: more olympic tales from the Athens' Summer Games in 2004.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Olympics.

Hockey - O.K., of the big four professional sports leagues in America, it's clear the NHL has some catching up to do - and that fact is reflective of the amount of space we've provided for the sport. But what we have, is compelling and entertaining.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Hockey.

NASCAR - You can't think of NASCAR without thinking Daytona 500 - but how does Brittney Spears fit into the stock car scene? Read these interesting NASCAR stories and find out.

Click here for Hogan's Alley NASCAR.

Soccer - The game is a world wide phenomenon but has yet to really catch on in the United States. Although Hogan's Alley hasn't given soccer as much attention as we probably should,I think you'll get a kick out of what we have to offer.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Soccer.

Boxing - Boxing history and humor from the offspring of The Greatest - Muhummad Ali - to Arnold Horshack, who couldn't be "Saved By the Bell." Read about it here.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Boxing.

Sportswriters - It's no secret that sportswriters have taken their shots at athletes, sports executives and sports fans in the space provided to them in the sports pages. Hogan's Alley has taken a number of opportunities to shoot back.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Sportswriters.

Star Spangled Stories - Here's a collection of stories that reflect the pride and love that we at Hogan's Alley feel for our country and the service men and women who keep it safe. Worth reading.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Star Spangled Stories.

Sports Memorabilia - The sports memorabilia industry is a billion dollar business that seems to be snowballing out of control. We weighed in on the subject from time to time with our thoughts on everything from used chewing gum to the distruction of the Babe's old uniform.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Sports Memorabilia.

"Just For Laughs" - A place to find interesting and amusing stories that just don't seem to fit any of the other categories. A potpourri of fun columns - check it out.

Click here for Hogan's Alley "Just For Laughs."

Big Foam Finger - You wouldn't believe how many times we found it necessary to reference the Big Foam Finger in a Hogan's Alley sports feature. Some things never get old.

Click here for Hogan's Alley Big Foam Finger.

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