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115Sports has the ability to create for you a variety of sports related custom features to suit your needs.

If you like Hogan's Alley and are looking for content on a specific sports topic, event or athlete we can create a feature that meets your specifications.

We use the same entertaining blend of insight, information, historical reference and humor found in Hogan's Alley to create a targeted, custom feature for you to share with your visitors.

A custom feature can be the perfect complement to your current marketing and branding strategy.

Nobody knows your visitors better than you. Give them the content that they want to see.

Simply tell us what your needs are.

We can deliver to you an entertaining 500 - 750 word custom sports feature in a timely manner and tailored to your specifications.

For immediate assistance: please contact Bill Hogan at wfhogan@115sports.com or by phone at (775)851-7157.

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